How to get a valid patent certificate for patent protection in a short time?

Here is a true case——We can get a free copyright patent certificate within a month and play an efficient role on the Canton Fair.

Generally,we will get the certificate from one year to one year and a half if we apply for appearance patent and utility model patent. However, the new original products of our foreign trade enterprises are generally required to bring to the Fair at the first time. But how to get a valid patent certificate to protect original design in a short time?

Our company focused on gifts and premiums and made a lot of original designs, including calculators and bags. However, one thing makes me very angry is that I found a lot of our designs were copied by others and are almost double of ours.

Afterwards, we found that we can get the certificate within a month if we apply for “copyright patent” and it is valid in law.

In the recent years, our country has focused on the protection of original design and paid attention to the patent protection. Therefore, all the copyright patent application is free. You can apply for it in each “Copyright Office”.

So after 2013, every time when we design a new product artwork, we will print the artwork and submitted to the “Copyright Office” first before molding the design and we can get this certificate within a month.

Here is a true case——On Autumn Canton Fair 2013, I found a company which infringed 7-8 products of our original design. I warned they verbally and hoped they can take up those infringing products. But they were very arrogant and ignored the patent problem totally. Afterwards, we took the original document of the copyright patent and a copy document to the complaints department. Generally, Canton Fair will immediately accepted for the patent problem. The staff went to their booth and seized their samples with our copy document one hour later.

Last time, I communicated with others in the QQ group and found that so many companies don’t know that our country has such a free and efficient way to protect our products.

From the above, I think it is necessary to publish this article to avoid the same situation happen again.

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