Buyers new bargain methods, vendors also willing to accept, why?


During the international procurement, the suppliers will offer different quotations vary in order quantity. Therefore, for a buyer, if he wants to get best price, he should increase his order quantity. Apparently, it is a risk for him. So, how can the buyer get a best price even in a small quantity? will help you out from this embarrassment. And how does it work?

1) Consult with the factory to give you different quotations based on different order quantity, like 500pcs, 10kpcs, and 100kpcs, from small to large. And moreover, don’t forget to get product details like pictures and videos.

2) Display your product on as a supplier and set a crowdfunding period. Edit the product in details and please mark the different prices of different quantity clearly.

By the way, you can designate country to be the sole agent of your product in your own market.  So your competitors designated area would not have permission to order.

3) Publicize your product on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other tools to inform your friends and other buyers, which will gather more orders in a short time.

Friendly reminder: You can release the best price from the factory, or you can increase the price, which will help you earn the extra money.

This crowdfunding model, on, is relatively easy for buyers to gather massive order quantity from different worldwide buyers.

So, aren’t the suppliers willing to accept your bargain way?

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