After the pieces of time does not work to earn extra money (crowdsourcing Rhapsody)

Today I heard that Jack Ma’s rookie net upcoming drops taxi mode of delivery grab one software “wrap wrap.” Ma is planning rookie last kilometer distribution solutions, upcoming approximate taxi drops grab one type of courier software, novice hoping to “wrap wrap” This ruling class products firmly in control of all goods last kilometer run, with community The capacity of the express industry to promote innovation, crowdsourcing mode hunters electricity supplier logistics.
   Recently I listened to a lot of crowdsourcing business model on the Internet 2.0 in many applications.  For example, in the laundry industry e bags wash, use crowdsourcing mode lets jump Square Dance aunt help take clothes valet earn extra money.
   Buyerparty  a global B2B groupon crowdfunding platform, which have a Worldwide Partner Project, launched global business people to recommend and introduce buyers and sellers registered,  referrals can get 3 years turnover commission.
   Uber use the majority of car owners, leisure time or on the way, take along a ride people earn extra money.
   Hainan mango farmers take advantage of all the Wechat forwarding referrals, there is rakeback deal.
Ever since, overnight Internet 2.0 and crowdsourcing model has become the top standard to match each other.  Look into the future, life is everywhere crowdsourcing, always make extra money easily,  a beautiful picture has been vividly before us. What future is also looking for you? ! Money spent time, take the opportunity to come back all the way to earn extra money. Accidentally earn extra money or dollars Oh, ha. . .

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