Buyerparty Made A Hit On Canton Fair


At the 117th Canton Fair, 23rd-27th April 2015, Buyerparty landed on B area, 10.1F-18-19, with its creative business mode, accurate customer orientation, green booth decoration, and fashion product layout, which attracted great attention and got praise from home and abroad.


Our booth was always flooded with buyers from different countries.


The onsite crowdfunding is extremely welcomed by global buyers coming and flooding our booth.


Our Clients service staffs of Buyerparty were all in high spirit to help buyers select products, register free at Most of buyers came to ask for corporation, for sample buying, for orders and etc.









The great charm of this novel, creative business mode! Five days of exhibition, more than 30 companies signed for corporation; more than 100 samples were bought; receiving more than 5300 business cards.



1) International B2B groupon crowdfunding website;

2) Gather order, cut cost, save the earth;

3) More orders gathered, better price updated;

4) Easy to place small order, like 50pcs;

5) Quality Guarantee;

6) Trading Assurance;

7) Free to buyers and suppliers;

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Staff of Buyerparty Inc.

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  1. Thomas says:

    I really like the paplhmet idea that another person provided placing brochures at costume shops, fortune tellers, tarot card readers, etc. is a great idea.I also like the idea of distributing this info at chamber of commerce meetings, visiting with local hotel and restaurant owners, etc.You might consider offering some sort of commission to any hotel that books a tour as well.Also, do you have a website? This sort of thing is IDEAL for promoting on the Internet. Even if you’re in a little town, you might be able to pull people out of a larger market (Atlanta is about an hour away, right?) for a ghost excursion or something. Google AdWords would be a quick and relatively inexpensive way to start booking tours right away.Finally, you can do some things with PR. You can invite local Atlanta-area bloggers to take your tour free of charge. You can issue a press release about your Atlanta Ghost Tour Excursion service, etc. You can approach the local TV station morning shows and invite them on a part of your tour .the list goes on.

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